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From Emmy-winning network news and docs to commercials, unforgettable promos for high-end electronics and technology, to non-profits and ministries, compelling college recruiting videos to beautifully-lit celebrity interviews, this is where you will find the creator of visuals that move you... and will move your audience.

And it's the home of an influencer who impacts tens of thousands of professionals and everyday people from all walks of life every year.


Jody Eldred Sample Videos

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  5. Katrina: Never Before
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  7. Skydiving Sony Camera Demo
  8. Jody Eldred on Good Morning America
  9. Medawar Fine Jewelers
Jody Eldred is an Emmy-winning and Directors Guild of America award-nominated Director, Director of Photography/Cameraman, Writer, Producer, and Editor. With 40 years in TV news and docs (mostly for the networks), working on feature films, TV dramas such as CBS' "J.A.G.", "NCIS", "NCIS: Los Angeles", The Tonight Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, 48 Hours, Dateline, PBS' acclaimed "Frontline", "Gunny-Time! with R. Lee Ermey", and covering the Iraq War with Peter Jennings and Diane Sawyer, there's very little he hasn't seen and done. Wars, riots, floods, fires, celebrity interviews, presidents and royalty, underwater, skydiving, jungle, desert, run-and-gun or elaborately-lit interviews for demanding talent like Cher and Sharon Stone-- and challenging subjects like Charles Manson... you name it, he can do it.

That's why Sony Electronics and Blackmagic Design has used him for 15 years as a primary tester and presenter for their newest ENG and cinema cameras, and why many companies want their products in his hands, as their customers-- his colleagues-- want to know what he uses. He is a world-class influencer.

He's known for getting the biggest bang for the buck for his clients, and for being one of the fastest and most creative visual storytellers in Hollywood.

Jody owns and operates several 4K and HD camera systems, including the new URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 with 150 fps in 4K and 300 fps in HD, Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, with complete lighting, grip, and sound for every imagineable need, large and small... from feature films to news and docs (and yes, even the occassional wedding!)  #OneStopShopping!

In-house DaVinci Resolve 15 editing and color grading.
Jody Eldred
Filmmaker/Visual Storyteller
Visual storytelling from conception to delivery, or executing your vision to exceed your expectations

Influencing other professionals, potential customers, and people from all walks of life across the globe

Producer, director, cinematographer, editor, writer, speaker, presenter, influencer

On Time, On Budget, On Target

Jody Eldred has been the brave and steady hand on the camera at my side in peace zones and war zones, and people of all faiths and even people of no religious faith can rely on his talented eye and his good heart.
--Diane Sawyer, Anchor ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Primetime Live

Jody is an excellent videographer. He has an enormous scope of and
variety of experience, a very, very sharp visual sense, great enthusiasm
and consistently brings thoughtful ideas and production value to every
project. I have enjoyed working with Jody over the years!

--Harry Phillips, Producer, ABC Network News

Jody is a facile and resourceful DP/shooter who can move fast without
compromising the look of the shot, the scene and the project. He's a
pleasure to work with and a total pro.

 --Scott Putnam, UPM "Dash 4 Cash" CBS comedy pilot

I've been working with Jody for quite a while now. His DP skills are
second to none and he really has a great sense of composition. The
majority of his work is nothing short of jaw dropping.

--Gary Mandle, Sr. Product Manager, Sony Electronics

I've worked with Jody for over 30 years, all over the world. He's a top
camera operator, and director, with an incredible eye and great work
ethic. He's a real pro. My advice: hire him!

--Kevin Knoblock, Producer/Writer/Director, "Entertainment Tonight", multiple theatrical documentaries

As a reliable "go to" guy for ABC News' top anchors (Peter Jennings,
Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts) and award-winning correspondents, Jody's
camera lens has served as our eyewitness to history covering many of
the most important events of the past decade and a half. He was
tireless and unflappable through his non-stop coverage of the Northridge
earthquake, the so-called Rodney King beating trial and the O.J.
Simpson case He could quickly switch gears from the red carpet on
Oscar night to to the MIchael Jackson trial or California wildfires.
The depth of his storytelling through pictures was most notable on ABC's
"Fox 2/5," which followed a Marine company for two years through
training, deployment, homecoming and redeployment. Fox 2/5 was an
award-winning project that best showed the heart and soul behind the eye
for a story. For these reasons and more, I'd recommend Jody Eldred as anyone's "go to" guy.

-- Shelly Ross, Executive Producer, ABC News "Good Morning America"

I write this recommendation for Jody with no reservations.
Before I speak of his television credentials. I want to speak of Jody, the
man. You will not find a more ethical, honest and giving professional in
the business. I have known Jody for over 20 years. We have
worked together on many national assignments for major networks
together. Jody is someone I respect and always have always considered a
friend. Whether it's film or video and no matter how hard the assignment may be, Jody should be your first and only choice!

-- Robert McWilliams, freelance 4K/HD lighting cameraman/DP, San Francisco

Jody is one of those rare talents that not only gets the job done
brilliantly, but is collaborative, creative, fun to hang out with and a
really great guy. We've worked together under some the very tightest of
deadlines and he always delivered the goods with a smile on his face.
It is nearly impossible to recommend him highly enough!

--Rick Wilkinson, Producer ABC News

I have known Jody personally and professionally for over 20 years. He's
the last of a dying breed of true "Renaissance" filmmaker /
photojournalists who understands the total universe of the art. Jody can
write, direct, shoot and light. Jody has the "eye" and "the touch." He's
traveled and worked extensively all over the world. It is without
hesitation that I can recommend Jody for any film project you might be

--Dan Haight, ABC News Production Manager, KCBS/KACL Production Manager

Jody Eldred is an accomplished Artist, a gifted Teacher, and one of the
most knowledgable individuals in the field of Digital Cinematography.
He freely shares his vast filmmaking experience to help others gain a
current understanding of new technology. Whether creating beautiful
images or introducing a new camera, Jody is the go-to guy for great
results. We are very proud to have him as a Founding Member of the
Digital Cinema Society.

--James Mathers, President, Digital Cinema Society

Jody is a rare professional in our market as he hasn't limited his
knowledge to just one area of expertise. Being well versed in all
aspects of production and post production means that whichever role he
is filling, he will seamlessly integrate with the rest. This skill shows
it's value in our universe (post) where it saves money as Jody has
already foreseen and therefore avoided so many issues that plague the
post process.

--Terrence Curren, Owner, Alpha Dogs Post, Los Angeles

Jody is the consummate professional. His interpersonal skills and his
ability to communicate abstract ideas to a diverse group, make him a
valuable asset, whether it requires training or actual hands-on
applications. He is the right person at the right time! He has given
numerous presentations at major Broadcast & Professional trade shows
over the years to crowds as high as 1000 people. When he is done the
customer reaction is always positive, his methods are not "hard sell"
but we always experienced positive growth in our net/net after his
presentations. Getting Jody to your event represents high class and
results in motivated customers buying your product!
--Robert Ott, V.P. Marketing, Sony Electronics

I have worked with Jody in a number of ways: as a presenter of my
products, as a content provider, as a beta tester of products and at
trade shows. In each and every aspect of my company's collaborations
with Jody, he has delivered above and beyond my exprctations. Aside
from his skills and knowledge of the technical aspects of the job, Jody
is a great guy. Personable, ethical and totally above board. Jody has
also become a good friend over the years and I would highly recommend
him for any task he says he can do.

--Wayne Schulman, Tiffen/Manfrotto/MAC Group Marketing guru

Jody Eldred is a focused and determined filmmaker. I've had the
pleasure to collaborate with him and experience his dedication to
making great art that not only tells a story, but has life-changing

-- Bryan Miller, Founder/Film Composer, Sensory Overload Music
What Jody's Colleagues and Clients Are Saying


ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
Channel Four (U.K.)
Good Morning America
The Today Show
CBS This Morning
World News Tonight
CBS Evening News
PrimeTime Live
48 Hours
Discovery Channel
National Geographic
History Channel

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
PBS: Frontline
PBS: "The China Experience: Beyond the Wall" 
(Exec. Prod, Director, DP, DGA award nominee)
TBN, PAX TV: "Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion"
(Exec Producer, Director, Writer)
"CBS J.A.G."
CBS "NCIS: Los Angeles"
NBC "Medium"
CBS comedy pilot "Dash 4 Cash"
(Director Betty Thomas)
HBO "First Look"
Behind-the-Scenes EPKs for dozens
of feature films
"Gunny Time! with R. Lee Ermey" Outdoor Channel
"Combat Missions!" (Mark Burnett Productions)
"Wild Things" (Bert Van Munster Productions)
"Hood to Coast" theatrical doc (D.P.)

The Foursquare Church
Jack Hayford Ministries
United Methodist Publishing House
Southern Baptist Convention
Jewish Voice Ministries
New Life Ministries
Christian Research Institute (Bible Answer Man)
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
Daystar Television

Porsche Cars of North America
Mercedes Benz of North America
Ford Motor Company
Infiniti USA
Bob  Bondurant  School of High Performance Driving
Motor Trend
Campbell Soups
Lear Astronics
Sony Electronics
Apple Computers
Blackmagic Design
Capitol Records
EMI America Records
QANTAS Airlines
Newt Gingrich
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
"Nativity!"  U.K. feature film, (U.S. D.P.)